Thursday, December 13, 2007

MASH at the Gokul Bar

If you do not know the game MASH, you missed the biggest thing to hit our elementary school. Here's the quick run down: You write MASH at the top of the page which stands for kind of house you will have (mansion, apartment, shack, house). Then you make categories like spouse, job, car, vacation home, pets, time of death and anything else you want. In each category, you choose two good items to put in the list and your partner (who is doing the writing) writes two bad items. For example, for my wife i had these four entries: Marilyn Monroe, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Olivia de Haviland and the crazy asian woman from the bus yesterday. One you have filled all of your categories, the writer covers the pen with their hand and says go. They then start making tally marks until you say stop. Using the number of tally marks, start counting each item starting at the M in MASH at the top of the page. Every time you reach your number, cross out that item and keep counting. You keep crossing off items until there's only one left in each category and that is obviously how your life will turn out.

My Life:
live in: house
wife: Marilyn Monroe
job: planetary explorer (dork alert)
car: the "van"
money: enough
vacation home: the moon (double dork alert)
kids: a firstborn son (Edward Carl Alexander Pelger V)
time of death: long twenty years of downhill slide with your mind going last (thanks tessa)
pets: rats (I'll let Pap take of them, he loves rats)
overall: except for the dying (which I don't truly believe I'll ever do anyway), I came out pretty well

Tessa's Life:
live in: apartment
husband: Danny Tanner from Full House
job: world food tester but with no calories (i was really hoping for sewer worker or lab guinea pig)
car: Audi TT
money: neverending wallet
vacation home: grand canyon (ha, that's the bad one i put in, mostly to needle our father, we call it the Grand Ditch and only speak of it with derision)
kids: always triplets
time of death: natural
pet: pig trained to love human flesh (kept thinking of snatch (the movie) that day for some reason)
overall: I got her good with the husband but otherwise she has a pretty good life


pete said...

lex and tessa,miss you both very much and read everything.enjoy it so much.all sounds good like you both are having a great time but the bedbug part really freaked me out! remember.we are going to visit and stay at the new beach haus after xmas.look forward to checking it out.think of you both so much.keep on having fun, its what life is debby

Jared said...

Man, the grand canyon must be bad if Tessa chooses to live in an apartment rather than her vacation home