Tuesday, January 8, 2008

random thoughts from the week

Inspired by the giant families at our place here in Vagator, I now plan to have enough kids for a football (soccer) team although I may have to contract this out to a few wives. I will turn the kids into a crack acrobat troupe/crime team/Haarlem Globetrotters style soccer team.

The Dehli legislative assembly meets for a total of 60 hours per year according to the Times of India. It breaks down to 20 working days at four hours of day with a 40 minute break for tea.

From the Island (a good sci-fi movie about clones although Michael Bay put in too many car chases as Michael Bay tends to do):
Clone ignorant of the world: What's God?
Steve Buschemi as a wordly technician: You know when you close your eyes real hard and wish for something.
Clone: Yeah
SB: God's the guy that ignores you.

Record for the longest speech at the UN:
9 hours non-stop by Krishna Menon from the Indian delegation

The Devil's Advocate review:
Keanu Reeves can't act and Al Pacino can. It makes for a painful comparison.


David G. said...

More like the "Harem" Globetrotters.

Goody said...

This is BS! A total rip-off of my plan to have a brood of 15 minions and rear them to play rugby.

I would choose the women folk based on their DNA to engineer ideal size/speed ratios for their positions.

And they would wear weights on their arms and legs so they'd all grow up to be monsters (not that my kids won't already be monsters, but you know, more muscular monsters.) and they'd practically be born into these weights, so they'd never even know it was "technically" "abuse."