Monday, February 11, 2008

another comic and a video that keeps me in stitches (where did that phrase ever originate?)

It was also fun when those teenagers tried to egg our house and it insta-cooked the eggs in mid-air.

And then there's the guy who built the WaterHobo: a motion detecting automatic water sprayer to soak kids who cut across his lawn. His requirements for this device:

  • Must have automatic fire ability
  • Must be able to detect motion
  • Must be able to record the event
  • Must be able to turn off auto fire mode and take on manual control
  • Must be able to "Water the Lawn"
  • Must be able to cover a 30 foot field of fire
  • Must have a range of about 25 to 35 feet
  • Must have the ability to work at night with all of the above features
  • Must be able to Play back any recordings and laugh while sitting on the deck drinking a beer

  • His site has two videos showing his successful deployment of the Water Hobo. This man is my hero.

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