Monday, February 4, 2008

cool stuff according to me (an expert in the cool stuff field)

I love Improv Everywhere. They do stunts around the city and the world. In their latest adventure, they had 200 agents freeze in place for exactly five minutes in one of the most rushed spots in the country: New York City's Grand Central Station. It's especially poignant for me because of the dozens of flat out sprints I have taken through that place to catch the 7:48 Express to North White Plains after a fast bike ride from Brooklyn that may or may not have involved truck surfing up third avenue.
Link to their site and a video of the stunt

Scientists grow a replacement jawbone for a man in his own abdomen. It took his own stem cells (my personal area of expertise) and nine months to birth this beautiful new structure.
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An interactive chart of the web trends of 2008. A neat way to find new places to waste time at work (because can only do so much for you):

A touching veterinarians account of the animals he has to euthanizes each day
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My friend Clark wrote a piece for the famous Huffington Post about the Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) and their current predictions about the presidential nominations. Snip:
"The Iowa Electronic Markets, founded by the University of Iowa in 1988, are real-money markets that deal with predicting future events. More succinctly put, the IEM are futures markets.

"The IEM has generally outperformed the major national polls [at predicting political winners], and has been more accurate than those polls even months in advance of the actual election," James Surowiecki wrote in The Wisdom of Crowds.

For the Republican side, John McCain's price is currently about 87 cents. ... Mitt Romney's price, meanwhile, is 9 cents and Mike Huckabee's is about 3 cents.

The IEM political market for the Democratic nomination currently prices Clinton at about 60 cents. Obama is at 37 cents."

He's an excellent writer with a firm grasp of politics and currently studying journalism in NYC. He also has an excellent tattoo on his left arm of a crow trapped in chains symbolizing the evil Jim Crow laws of the American South.

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Goody said...

If i ever find a frozen person, I'm gonna tie his shoes together. Then I'm gonna take his wallet. I got the idea from watching "Ducktales" as a kid.