Monday, February 25, 2008

speaking of the Cos...

I loved this online show from a few years back. It might be the reason I had to drop Signals and Systems my junior year.

It's called House of Cosbys, an animated cartoon about a cosby fan who invents a cloning machine and starts making clones of his favorite actor. Unfortunately, the clones tend to decrease in quality as the process goes on with each one receiving a special trait:
#2 - house keeping cosby
#3 - moral support cosby
#4 - tattle tale cosby
#5 - dancing cosby
#6 - bath tub cosby
#7 - standing cosby
#8 - curiosity cosby
#9 - buck naked cosby

The protagonist wants to give up the whole business until he creates clone #10 (data analysis cosby) who reports that every tenth cosby clone will have a super power.

The story goes on for 4 more episodes until it they get a cease and desist letter from the man himself. They make one more episode for the express purpose of attacking cosby and his lawyer and then give up the ghost.

And without further ado, here's episode 1 of House of Cosbys:

Channel 101 hosted the show originally. They may be the future of online video. People submit their own pilots for a TV show and then the fans vote on their favorites. The five top winners each week become prime time shows. Some good stuff comes out of here.

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Emily said...

I'm ecstatic you found house of cosbys again.