Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the march 4th debacle and a nerd's take on the canidates

If Hilary gets this nomination by playing the delegate game at the convention (see Hunter S Thompson's masterful Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail for a how-to on playing the underhanded delegate game), I will be seriously pissed. The Democrats have such a lousy system in place that it drives me crazy.

Also, when this election started, I was not a Hilary fan but I would rather see her than McCain or any of the nutballs he defeated. After watching her as a leader on this campaign, I strongly dislike the idea of her in the White House. She's a continuation of the partisan politics that have strangled this country. I do not like most of McCain's policies but he works well across party lines, supported the immigration bill that should have passed (receiving hell from Rush and his "America for Americans" band of cretins) and strikes me as a straight shooter. Hilary has led a decisive campaign and showed terrible judgement throughout her campaign. Obama's message of hope is powerful but he had a lot of help from mistakes.

And now for my favorite find of the week via India Uncut: an animated conversation between Hilary and Obama, stolen from Neil Gaiman's classic comic series, Sandman (for those in the know, it took place between Morpheus and Choronzon in the "A Hope in Hell" series)

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