Tuesday, March 18, 2008

night march Or: surprise! you can't finish the chess game where you finally might beat the Belgian

After some easy days of marching because of lack of available campsites and nuns with monster blisters, we made up for it last night. I was finally beating my friend Xavier from Belgium in chess when the leadership told us to go to sleep now. We had to leave at 1AM because we just got a tip from a trusted source: the police plan to stop the march tomorrow and we need to clear the state line pronto.

We've been hearing rumors of deportation for the foreigners so half the group took a truck across the border so they could support the next wave of marchers if this wave doesn't make it. I decided to march because deportation actually would fit into my plans pretty well and I get a free flight home thus making me the least brave person here.

For an exciting beginning, the 6 hour march was anti climatic. We walked fast, jogged occasionally, stopped rarely and got two shots of chai. We crossed into the Sikh state of Punjab with no incident. Now we'll recover for the rest of the day and I'll quietly drink myself to sleep. There's been lots of fun little stuff on the march I'll write as soon as I can but I might be underground again for awhile.

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