Saturday, March 15, 2008

on the road again or: you just can't keep those Tibetans down

The secret backup wave of 44 monks just hit the road, starting from where the comrades were arrested. I'm grabbing a shower, some Western food and a bus to the action. Don't know when you'll here from me again but don't worry. I'm told to not get arrested again and stay in journalist mode. The Indian police act like media is not even present.

The shit's blowing up. Now, can we get the world to do anything besides bitch? Demand a pullout of the Olympics. If we ever deserved to protest an event. this is the one. I can't believe the IOC ever gave such a unifying event to such an evil regime who occupies Tibet, threatens Taiwan, exports the autocratic free model to Africa, tortures democracy advocates, Falun Gong and Christians, keeps their people behind the stifling Great Firewall of China and changes history through education. The Dalai Lama had no problem with China having the Olympics because he knew it would open up a way to pressure them. He's wily and I hope it works but we have to say something.

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