Friday, March 28, 2008

Tibet Connection interview

I'm sitting in a field trying to hack my way through an article about the march for a Brooklyn magazine. I have the blood of a dozen mosquitoes on my hands. It smells like propane is leaking from the truck next to me but I really want a cigarette. I miss the simple beautiful world of blogging. It's easy. Nobody tells me that what I write is shit besides my friends who must be only kidding. Right guys? Right?

Here's my second interview with the Tibet Connection radio station out of LA: Lex Interview
And here's their website where you can listen to the station online: Tibet Connection

I originally met the interviewer's wife (who does the audio engineer side of the work) but I just met him for the first time this week when they stopped on the way to Dehli for teachings by His Holiness (another term for the DL). It was interesting to meet someone in person after we had already gotten to really like each other over the phone. However, I do not recommend this for relations with the opposite sex. Having an intellectual and personal connection with a female is great but we need to focus on the one thing that will never fade: looks.

Wow. I just did a one handed mosquito kill. Sometimes I even impress myself (often, in fact). Oh. I just did it again. Maybe it's just not that hard.

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