Tuesday, April 1, 2008

bad news

Bad time...
We were only drinking and joking last night when police arrived. Lex react in a bad way. He was so smashed he stared to put his clothes off and play with his pierced ball.
Police officers didn't find that funny, grab his arm and try to put his underwere back. At this moment he pushed the 2 officers away and start to run. apparently there was girls school nearby and they saw most of what happen. They had to give statement and said there was really scared. Lex is now in Haryana state prison. I visit him this morning. I just had a short chat and he told me that he had to pay 500 US dollar fine and make a public apology.
He don't ve the right to pass a phone call so i send this on his blog to ask some help to his family and friends...We ve 3 days to pay fine or he will face trial with possible prison sentence.

Lex want to say :"Send lawers, guns and money, dad get me out of this!"

Xavier (Belgium)


Anonymous said...

April fool...you fool
love, amma patty

Anonymous said...

I admit my blood pressure rose to a very high level before I remembered it's April 1st. Asshole.


Tessa said...

phew, did i almost just call you ready to help until i realized Nothing in india fines 500$. go club some pandas and throw some battery acid around.. you're facing a steep 20$ getaway.

Jonathan said...

I Hope they dont hang you up by your ball piercing Lex!! If they do please have Xavier YouTube it.

Cousin In-Law Jon Ingels

anna said...

The first thing that crossed my mind was that having my brother thrown in jail is a good reason to not finish my paper. So I am just going to go with this for awhile.

Debby said...

I have to go dye my hair now since it all turned white.
Just remember the boy who cried wolf...
Your rapidly aging,

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Lex. Nice.

Megan McD

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Lex. Nice.

Megan McD

Goody said...

yea dude, not even funny. I was terrified to think you might be spending the rest of your life in a tiger-free environment...unless maybe there is some sort of cannibalistic Indian prison gang with a name that roughly translates to "the tigers."

.x said...

my dad said:

"When I see you, I’m going to punch you in the arm so hard you are going to die.

You got me for about 30 seconds…but it was an uncomfortable 30 seconds.

I was going to post a comment, but decided that would ruin the joke. I’m curious how anyone else responds.

For the record, I was planning to leave you in prison."

I just used this little falsehood to break the real news so it doesn't sound so bad: I got someone pregnant.

And it was me. I'm going to have a baby in a synthetic womb made from my own stem cells. I will be carrying a child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (with maybe a little bit of lex thrown in there). Wish me luck.