Tuesday, April 29, 2008

if obama got tough

Jon Taplin writes the speech Obama could give if took off his gloves like she does. He calls it "the speech barack cannot give". An excerpt:

Mrs Clinton promises she “will fight for you.” But in the eight years of the first Clinton Presidency that she claims so much credit for–whose side did she take? Did the Clintons take the side of Big Media/Telecom in the 1996 Telecom act or did they take the side of the people? You know the answer. Did the Clintons take the side of the Big Drug companies so they could advertise prescription drugs or did they do the sensible thing and leave it up to doctors to decide what to prescribe? You know the answer. Did the Clintons take the side of Sandy Weil, when he merged his investment Bank/Insurance conglomerate Travellers/ SmithBarney with Citibank–against the rules of the Glass Steagall Act–or the side of the public, who now can’t get credit to buy a house because of the oversecuritization of American finance that has crashed. You know the answer. I could go on about the Clintons and the big business wing (the DLC) of the Democratic Party. I could tell you that Hillary did her part to sell NAFTA and its only since she started running for President that she has pretended to be against the treaty. Now those of you who have heard me talk before, know that I believe in an America that embraces the green movement we can create new jobs that pay like the good jobs at the Suburu Plant in Lafayette Indiana or the good jobs in the research labs of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But we’ve been losing those jobs since the late 1980’s.


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