Wednesday, April 9, 2008

lancaster new era article

My county newspaper wrote a story about me although it has a few inaccuracies:

I do not think you can honestly refer to me as a man. I mean seriously, have you read this blog?

I have not said "I am not going into Tibet". It's very much an option. We'll see if we ever get there to make the choice.


Also, check out CNN. Apparently, me and my buddy Xavier feature prominently.


Jim said...

Favorite part of the column is when your parents admit they don't care about your safety.

Astrid said...

"The only thing that's going to stop me is if the march stops," Pelger said.

I don't know if you could be any more pleased with yourself Lex. Blog hits are up, you're showing your small town how big city (but also simple life) you've become and now you're on CNN.

I think you should change your subtitle to the blog to:

A BLOND SCIENTIST IN INDIA - He's better than you, and he know's it!

(Thats a joke, and also a dodgeball quote. I have very little to keep me going at the power station at the mo. Especially with that South pole asshole)

Goody said...

A) You're correct, anyone with less body hair than Kurt should never be called a man...I'd say more of a "seal."

B) "He is not being paid, although he will shortly make a rather flagrant attempt at free pretzels and wilber buds."

C) "While Lex is engaged in this selfless act, Tessa is seeking fame and fortune so that she may one day scoff her foolish brother in a time of need."