Friday, May 30, 2008

me and norbu

I reacted like an excited schoolgirl last night. There's a girl here who works for Students for a Free Tibet, Jessica, and we started a facebook group called "I heart Jamyang Norbu", the amazing Tibetan political writer I talked about in my column (the post before this one).

Last night, I requested him as a facebook friend and sent him a message telling him about the group and expressing my admiration for his writing. He wrote back immediately thanking me and said he enjoyed the biographies I wrote on the website. I got giggly and started wriggling like a puppy dog being petted.

1 comment:

Ned said...

Loved the visual of you squirming around like a puppy dog. John Matarazzi would be proud...and isn't that what we're all going for in the long run?

Though you need to ask Goligorsky if a Gentleman giggles and wiggles.