Thursday, May 8, 2008

the story of a khampa or: how to win the woman of your dreams

A tale of adventure, romance and bravery in Tibet:

My grandfather was a character in himself. He had migrated to states during the 60's. Earning his way up, first as a waiter and later starting a Tibetan restaurant; he was a very hard working man. Of all these years, I've never heard him or any of the family members mention anything about my grandmother. While I was young, I used to ask him about my grandmother but he would always evade the subject. Even my father didn't mention anything about her. So as I grew, I assumed that she probably was left in Tibet or died there.


An amazing story. I had tears running down my face. Published in Tibetan World, they just accepted my pitch to write a story on the March to Tibet. That's why blogging has been so light.

And thinking of love, the other night, Tenzin and I saw a shooting star. We both made a wish and someone asked us what we wished for. I said "you can't tell" but tenzin said "I bet we wished for the same thing." As we setup our bed late that night far from the madding crowd, he asked me about my wish. I said "I wished to find the woman of my dreams." He flashed his shy honest smile and said "that's what I wished for too."

Now taking applications for a new position: Woman of my dreams who needs rescuing
please send applications by email, secret courier, message in a bottle or preferrably, a talking magical creature


Nat said...

Let's be honest Lex, the woman of your dreams is most likely in NYC. You should probably come back.

Also, if you haven't read "A Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin (not Shakespeare) I highly recommend it. The protagonist (not the magical flying horse, the man) reminds me of you.
It's an ages long love story to the city and maybe it will convince you.

Anonymous said...

i'm still in the states, silly

.x said...

I have two guesses who this last comment might be from and i'm leaning towards Mike Gretz

Emily said...

i saw the woman of you dreams a few months ago. she's a street performer at faneuil hall- a japanese girl who plays the accordion and wears miniskirts.