Sunday, May 4, 2008

a Tibetan joke

One of my best friends here, Tenzin the nurse told me a Tibetan joke.

A Tibetan came to Delhi for the first time and he got attacked by mosquitoes that night. There's no mosquitoes in Tibet so he was quite confused. He hid under the bed that night to escape them. The next day, he tells his friend about these strange creatures who bite and make such a buzzing noise. His friend told him they were mosquitoes. He went back to his room that night and he hid under his bed again. While the mosquitoes continued their attack, a firefly came under the bed during the night, flashing it's light on and off. He went to his friend and complained about these damn mosquitoes. "They're smart. Last night, they came to find me and they brought flashlights."

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