Monday, June 9, 2008

a tribute

For my Aunt Cindy because she will like this quote and be here soon:
“There are more horse’s asses than horses in the world” – Dharma Bums


csully said...

truer words have never been spoken - see you in 4 days!

csully said...

My Mumbai/Goa book says "Foreign tourists are notorious among Mumbaikars for looking unkept and dirty. Indians always make the effort to look neat and you should pack at least one smart ensemble for going out." What is your response to this? What will you wear for your smart ensemble?

.x said...

So you're asking me for fashion advice? Excellent. I'm an unacknowledged expert in fashion. Contrasts are all the rage this year in Bombay. Vertical and hoirzontal stripes. Different animal prints. Short skirts and tops that show the good stuff. Go-go boots are a must this year and everything needs to be in leather or vinyl to resist the monsoon. Good luck packing and I can't wait until Sunday.