Monday, November 19, 2007

A Day of Firsts

It's our last day in Dehli for this trip. We went to the train station and got tickets to Amritsar (home of the Sikh's Golden Temple) and then onto Mumbai. With no regular tickets available, we went to the International Tourist Bureau Office and got train tickets set aside for foreigners. It's a lifesaver. The staff could not have been more helpful and Tessa saw her first hot hippie Australian. Unfortunately, she was too chicken to chase him down and give him our email address even though we'll probably both be in Goa at the same time.

Then we took our first rickshaw (non-motorized) down to Connaught Place. As you can see to the left, the Sherpina fulfilled her duty and carried all the bags. We decided to check out the undergound bazaar that our host warned us against. Filled with bootleg movies, weird game systems, cheap saris, belts on every corner and the pushiest salesman yet, we enjoyed it alot. After we picked up some needed converters, we hung out on the grass above the bazaar. I went to take a piss (which can be done anywhere, a lovely thing) and came back to find Tessa shaking hands with various girls who disappeared as I approached and one friednly old man with a book full of recommendations. He did massages and his book contained heaps of praise from toursists worldwide. My neck had been hurting and I think he was sent from heaven. My first public massage was fifteen minutes of pure bliss. A bunch of similar cohorts surrounded us during the process including the ubiquitous ear cleaners (a first I will try soon) but we just stuck with our masseuse.

After that, we sat in the park and read until some polite policeman kicked us out at dusk. We took the first autorickshaw that used the meter without asking over to the train staion. Then I got my first shave with a straight razor from my new friend who was as excited about his upcoming wedding as his friends were about watching Tessa apply makeup. My face feels great. Now I better run because I have to catch my first train in India and get ready for my first night's sleep aboard one.


Debby said...

Hello, this is your mother speaking. You went to the bazaar that the hosts warned you not to go to? And did our celeb have hand sanitizer after her fans rushed to shake her hand?Hmmmm
Actually, it sounds like another great day.Keep it up.Love the pixs!!!

Colin said...

You are riding a train in India and you got shaved with a straight razor. I wasn't jealous until now. Oh yeah, and boys will still touch you.

BigSlackWater said...

Hey Pelgers,

The blog is amazing! Love the stories and Lex, your writing is stellar. Someone else wrote that it's as if we are along for the adventure too. I agree! Keep it up. The pic of Lex and Tessa looking at each other is classic. For anyone else reading, click on the pic to enlarge and notice the power lines in the background! Whoa! Reminds me of our basement!

Jon Ingels