Monday, November 19, 2007

A Zoo Story or "If there's anything skinnier than an Indian teenage boy, I'd hate to see it" - Eat, Pray and Love

On our second trip to New Dehli, we both wanted to hit the zoo and took an autorickshaw there. It's amazing how the meter never seems to work until you switch it on and then threaten to walk away. Anyway, we enjoyed the zoo but I can't say the same for the animals. Small cages and empty pens spread across a lot of open land gave the place a forlorn feel. A beautiful large bird in a cage had a plaque that said "This bird stays with its mate and family for life." It was alone in the cage. The highlight came when a little (comparatively) indian elephant almost scored with a big momma. However, he only got one chance and missed his target. Disappointment for all (except maybe her).

Teenage boys caused the most irritation of the visit. They wouldn't stop walking right behind us, taking pictures of Tessa (even when I got threatening) or talking to us in their high pitched annoying voices. No matter how irritable and unitnerested I got, I couldn't shake these little pains in the butt. I eventually just started answering nonsensically or rudely which amused Tessa and I for awhile but only went so far to lessen the pain. By the end, it was a relief to be out of there.

In conclusion, teenagers everywhere suck.

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