Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hoisted by my own petard

As we sat in Connaught Place waiting for our ride, I heard a tinkle of metal hitting the ground. I looked around, ready to be pissed. A guy across the street smiled mischievously. Then I realized that a 50 paise coin lay on the street near us and he threw the coin to us like beggars. We both laugh as I dart into the street to get the coin and wave for him to throw more. He laughs again and wanders off chuckling.

Then, the first two guys who weren't annoying teenage boys or touts started talking to us. Both art students at Dehli U, we made good jokes and learned a little about student life there. They told me there's no way I'd get a train to the giant Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan that I am so excited about. I told them I'd hitchhike instead. They said that didn't happen here and the gesture I just made only means good luck. Knowing I had a car on the way, I bet them 50 Rs ($1.25) that I would get picked up in 20 minutes. We spend the next twenty minutes joking, talking and showing off our legs to increase the chance of a pickup (just me actually). So excited for my clever trick, I could barely contain myself. With time up, he took my money, laughed at the Americans and headed to a bar. Just as he went out of sight, my friend pulled up and apologized for the delay. Hoisted by my own petard.


Mikolaj said...

Hey Lex. I just found out about your blog. Pretty awesome - just read through the whole thing. Sorry I ultimately couldn't come to your go-away party. I hope you're enjoying your first few days and keep writing those awesome posts!

Colin said...

I always knew you were clever enough to put yourself into the poorhouse. Keep up the good work though. It sounds like you need a few tricks up your sleeve just to survive out there.