Tuesday, December 25, 2007

an interesting thought

I've been meeting a number of call center workers and most enjoy their jobs although they find the hours annoying. It's best to work for a UK company because then you work from noon to 8PM. The US call centers have the worst hours because you work all night. Also, you have to talk to americans. Never a fun task.

Anyway, I have also met some people who loathe these jobs with a passion. I ask why they don't quit and most do not have a choice. They have to support families, pay for sibling's schooling of save enough dowry for their sisters to marry. It's said that in India, a man must find a few husbands before he can find a wife.

However, a few do not have anything keeping them cemented to their job but they stay anyway. I know this fear of leaving your safe comfortable job pervades the world but one guy had an interesting thought on why its stronger in India (besides the obvious lack of high-level jobs in this country). He said that ever since you are small, everyone you know gives you advice on every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, most of it is contradictory and terrible. You have no idea who to trust and you receive a constant shower of unwanted criticism, plans and information.

I have seen this often in this country. I quickly learned to listen with a thoughtful look of concentration to people's advice and promptly discard the majority at the door. I'm old enough to sift out all of the crap but I can't imagine growing up with a constant fight for some straight shit. It would be trying say the least.

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