Wednesday, December 26, 2007

new words

While hanging out with two guys and some beer in Pune, I got around to learning some Hindi curse words. I asked for something that would start a fight (if needed):
Ah. Machodta hu.
Loose translation: Approach. I will have relations of a pleasurable nature with your matriarch.

Today on my walk home, a scooter veered around a tree to save some time and almost hit an old man. The man stuck his Indian burger into the rider's face and started cursing him out. I had a general idea what the old timer yelled so I hollered the above phrase after the motorcycle. The man turned and waggled his head at me with a big grin. As we shook hands, I said "damn kids" and pumped my fist a few times. He also made a fist and muttered something probably equivalent in Marathi.

Motherfucker: bringing the world together

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space-time said...

i love the elderly. Thank you for supporting them over there in India!