Monday, January 7, 2008

stuck in paradise

Sorry for the lack of posting but I've had little adventure of note. I'm in Vagator, Goa with two buddies, three girls from Austria and one sherpina. My day consists mostly of eating, drinking and making corny jokes.

Last night turned out to be fun. After consulting with tessa (party expert and socialite extraordinaire), we met these British guys we knew from south goa. We headed to Chapora for an outdoor Russian christmas party (which scared me a little because I was taught in school that Russians drink Christian baby blood on holidays). After some beers and kebabs (the best drunk food), we end up at a lousy club with 20 Indian guys and two lonely girls. Luckily, they had cheap beer and so we spent most of the night bullshitting with the English guys. I always like hanging out with English guys, a good sense of humor. The lone Scotsman got pretty drunk and combining this with his accent, became incomprehensible.

These guys came to India and bought auto-rickshaws. They plan to drive them all the way to Kathmandu. They offered us a ride to Bombay tomorrow. Whether a drunken joke or genuine offer, I am taking them up on it (you can't offer me anything in jest). On the walk home, I got to see the three vehicles. They have already been painted with racing stripes, clever phrases and one even has a sun roof cut into the top. They got out the paint so I could mark one but they ended up vandalizing the other put-puts instead. It might take three days (or my life) but I am driving to Bombay in a put-put. Hot damn.


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u should have put up a picture of "put-put" since i had to guess my way into understanding what they were.. haha (i googled it and it gave me a bunch of mini-golf sites...sigh)
anyways,, now i know what they are... haha
keep posting,, i like reading ur adventures.. maybe one day i could be on one with ya, :P